Wachsen Professional manufactures cultivation systems and supplies with your high value and medicinal crops in mind. As the need for high quality hydroponic and horticultural equipment for today’s growers arose, Wachsen responded.

They were formed by growers, like you, to fill the growing void created by the increase in hydroponic and soilless production. They now design and engineer solutions in Canada for growers all over the world. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Wachsen products are becoming the go-to choice for commercial and small-scale growers alike.

All Wachsen products are manufactured using industry-leading methods with quality, food-grade materials to keep all crops safe and clean. We know that you need to know that your crops are safe for your customers, and we make sure that you can make that claim. As the high value crop market becomes more competitive, Wachsen Professional continues to design products and systems to meet the demand of today’s conscientious growers.

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