AutoCure Drying Chamber

Emily Cole

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Auto Cure is the first fully automated, all-in-one hardware and software cannabis curing system that takes the guesswork out of producing your most potent and valuable harvest.

Auto Cure handles all post-harvest cannabis drying, curing, and long-term cannabis storage (extended curing). The automated curing technology uses a proprietary software application and robotics system to dynamically transition from an airtight chamber to laminar ventilation via negative pressure.

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AutoCure Drying Chamber


1 in stock

Auto Cure is the first automated “burping” device which automatically vents (“burps”) the
entire saturated contents of its air-sealed chamber whenever certain threshold values are met. This
environment is referred to as a Minimum Effective Airflow system, or a true curing atmosphere, which
is significant because it allows the flower to release its moisture content into the surrounding drier air
at the natural rate of diffusion (evaporation). This is very different from HVAC dry/cure rooms which
actually fight against the moisture release of the flower by administering artificially dry air to the
environment in order to maintain a specific atmosphere within the larger room, also resulting in microclimates and inconsistency. For this process to be fully effective, air routeing is critical. Auto Cure uses
laminar airflow—bottom to top—to evenly disperse the new drier atmosphere leaving no dead zones or
micro-climates ensuring product consistentcy throughout the chamber.
When compared to HVAC dry/cure rooms, Auto Cure allows for a much more natural drying
and curing environment in which the flower dictates when and how frequently that ventilation will
occur. After ventilation has been complete, and all saturated air has been evacuated from the chamber,
Auto Cure then becomes air-tight once again and the flower begins its process of moisture release once
more. The process of allowing the flower to create its own equilibrium ages the terpenes at a more
consistent rate, resulting in lab test results significantly higher in THC, CBD, and retained terpenes in
side-by-side comparisons with the growers’ traditional dry/cure method.





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