Gavita Pro 600e SE

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  • Electronic ballast
  • 120-240V
  • Ultra high frequency
  • HPS EL lamps only
  • HPS 600W + 10% boost
  • Soft dim
  • Manual and external control
  • Status indicator
  • Integrated fixture
  • High efficiency >95%


16 in stock

The ‘e’ in ‘e-series’ stands for external control. These fixtures can be controlled centrally by a Gavita Master controller. This replaces the often cumbersome installation with contactors and clocks, and adds safety features such as automatic dimming of your lights at high temperatures and even a safety shutdown. We developed a completely new ballast for the Gavita Pro 600 e-series, reducing the inrush and incorporating direct control remote control.


Complete fixture
The integration of ballast and reflector results in a compact fixture. No external lamp wires results in low EMI, which makes it easier to comply with FCC regulations. All our fixtures are FCC compliant.

Horticultural design
Our fixture is not a contraption of a remote ballast and reflector: it is a fixture designed as a complete fixture. The high quality white coating is durable and UV resistant. All the terminals are sealed with gaskets and contact and terminals are high quality.

Balanced fixture
The fixture is balanced, so it can be mounted by just two hanging points. This enables much easier installation by brackets from C-profiles for example.

400V lamp technology for high frequency electronic ballast
The high voltage lamp technology results in a better efficiency of the arc tube: more light for the same power (10-25% more than traditional single ended lamps)! These lamps are best suited for extreme high frequency electronic ballasts, creating a stable arc without acoustic resonance, assuring optimal output and a long lamp life. The smaller arc tube and outer balloon require the lamp to be nitrogen filled instead of vacuum, which prohibits it to be air cooled. Air cooling of the lamp results in lower lamp temperature, which results in sub-optimal light output, up to 15% less than specified. Therefore these lamps are not suitable for direct air cooled fixtures.


The fixture comprises of a ballast, reflector and lamp in one complete compact package. Made according to horticultural standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed and contains a gore-tex® plug to ventilate the housing, while keeping dust and humidity out.

Ballast output is either controlled by the Gavita Master controllers, or an external switch, allowing it to be adjusted to 300, 400, 500, 600 and 660W boosted output. The Master Controller can centrally control the output hundreds of fixtures in a range between 300 and 660 W output power. Using the Master controller safeguards your valuable crop by the added auto-dim and auto-shutdown features, and completely automates your light control.

The high frequency ballast was specifically designed for the Gavita double ended HPS lamp, resulting in an accurate, optimal output, a stable burning lamp and a better light maintenance over time. The ballast is not suitable to run Metal Halide lamps.

The spread of the Pro 600 with the industry standard HR96 SE (Single Ended) reflector is about 2.7×4 ft (80×120 cm) at 2 ft distance in overlapping plans for light levels up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2. The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years)

The high frequency electronic ballast is designed to drive the Gavita Pro Plus 600 high voltage, high frequency single ended lamp, generating 1150 µmol s-1 of PAR light. This ballast is only suitable for our 400V, high frequency HPS lamps.


The 120-240V units were used for testing only.

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Reflector                               HR 96 DE

Lamp base                          Gavita Pro 600W 400V Electronic HPS E39



Input current at 100%     5.4 Amps
Input current at 110%      6.1 Amps
Input power at 100%       655 Watt
Input power at 110%        710 Watt



Input current at 100%     3.2 Amps
Input current at 110%      3.5 Amps
Input power at 100%       647 Watt
Input power at 110%        704 Watt



Input current at 100%     2.7 Amps
Input current at 110%      3.0 Amps
Input power at 100%       645 Watt
Input power at 110%        700 Watt



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