Gavita Pro Plasma 270e SUP

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  • 347V
  • Supplemental spectrum for use in combination with HPS
  • Better rooting and morphogenesis
  • Shorter vegetative cycle
  • Healthy and resilient plants
  • Stimulation of essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Lamp lifetime of 50,000 hours

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24 in stock

For plants to flourish, nothing beats the sun’s spectrum. Plants have evolved for millions of years to thrive in balanced, full-spectrum light that includes UVA and UVB rays. Full-spectrum lighting means the highest-quality crops. That’s where Gavita plasma technology comes in.


Plasma 270e SUP

We have a supplemental plasma light to optimize the quality of your crop. This plasma light adds everything to the HPS spectrum your plant needs to bring it to the next level, including UVB and UVA.



The Gavita LEP reflector has a square throw. One advantage this gives is that the fixtures can be inter-positioned between the rows of HPS fixtures. For a commercial layout, we would make two separate lighting plans: One for HPS, one for LEP. That way you achieve the highest uniformity and light spread at optimal light levels.

Position your LEP’s at the same height as your HPS fixtures (recommended height of 105 cm from the crop for HPS).


These units were used for testing only.



Voltage                                             347 V

Input current at 100%              2.75 – 1.1 Amps

Input power at 100%                 290 Watt

Light source                                  LUXIM LiFi STA 41.01 / 41.02 plasma emitter