General Hydroponics Florapro Bloom

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  • Technical-grade nutrients designed for hydroponic commercial cultivation
  • Can be used with rockwool, potting mix, coco, peat lite mix, in-ground soil, water culture
  • Made for hemp, vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and other high value crops
  • Easy to use nutrition at every growth phase
  • High-quality inputs
General Hydroponics Florapro Bloom

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FloraPro™ Bloom is part of FloraPro™, a nutrient system specially formulated for high-value production crops where results and consistency are paramount. Our unique formulation and methodology produce superior results in large-scale operations. Designed from the ground up for fertilizer injection systems, FloraPro™ is easy to use and highly water soluble. Our complete and balanced formula is cost effective, scalable and consistent to meet the high standards of a competitive industry.

FloraPro™ is a two-stage system, containing four products; FloraPro™ Grow, FloraPro™ Ca + Micros, FloraPro™ Bloom, and FloraPro™ Late Bloom. During each growth phase — vegetative and flowering — you will use two of the four FloraPro™ products. With these combinations, you can help deliver the precise nutrient ratios commercial plants like cannabis, microgreens, and culinary and aromatherapeutic herbs crave.

FloraPro™ uses technical-grade nutrients to provide precise minerals in the right proportions and a balanced nutritional formula for vigorous growth. For your finely tuned and demanding industrial operation, insist on high-quality inputs for a high-quality output.


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