Thermo Fisher Xpert S400 X-Ray System

Author : Andrew Raymer
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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  • Detects foreign objects in cans, plastic bottles and other upright packages
  • Sophisticated inspection software optimized for the bottom, sidewalls, body and cap regions
  • Inspection of underfilled and dented cans in some applications
  • Up to 900 packages per minute throughput
  • Configurations with/without conveyors and shielding curtains
  • Custom rejection systems available
  • X-ray source and detector can be easily aligned with conveyor height
  • Tall X-ray beam and detector handles a wide range of packages
  • Suitable for dry wipe down and IP65 washdown environments
  • Built-in remote software for troubleshooting and technical assistance
X-ray machine - ThermoScientific Xpert S400

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The Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ S400 side shoot X-ray Inspection System is a state-of-the art single beam system that is compact in size and easy to install and use. An existing conveyor can be routed through the inspection tunnel and the X-ray source/detector can be adjusted to its height in a matter of hours.

The Xpert™ S400 comes standard with a tall X-ray beam and detector capable of inspecting a broad range of products. X-ray power and detector resolution are chosen to match typical line speeds. A chicane line configuration is available also for tall, light, small diameter products that cannot pass through radiation shielding curtains without tipping over.

The Xpert S400 X-ray system from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is specifically engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign objects in vertically oriented containers, such as metal cans, cartons and stand-up pouches. The unit features a 160W monoblock and a 400mm-high detector.




Input Voltage

190V, 240V

Application and X-Ray Specifications

X-Ray Power                                             80 kV, 6 mA, 480 W

Detector Scan Rate                              Up to 2800 lines/sec

Standard Detector Resolution         0.8 mm

Optional Detector Resolution          0.4 mm

Detector Areas                                       Body, Bottom, Sides, Top

Detection Algorithms Available      1D/2D Contrast, Binary Thresholds (Several Types)

Inspection Algorithms Available    General Cap/Bent Can Detection, Gross Underfill, Other Customizations

Aperture Width and Height              Wide-aperture model available (275 mm/10.8 in) for large products

Belt Speed Range                                   5 to 80 m/min, 16 to 263 ft/min

Conveyor Heights                                   900 mm, 35.4 in

Conveyor Heights Tolerance (±)     100 mm, 3.9 in

Minimum Product Gap                       10 mm, 0.4 in            

System Length for Chicane              1.8 m, 5.9 ft
Configuration to Curtains

System Length for Chicane               3.1 m, 10.2 ft
Configuration to Curtains 

X-Ray Curtain Material                      Proprietary No-Lead

Safety/Security Features                   All Doors Equipped with Magnetic Interlocks, Emergency Stops, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) X-Ray                                                                                                   Imminent/On Lights, Radiation Curtains, X-Ray Power Key

Human Machine Interface (HMI)  15-inch Diagonal Touchscreen with Protective Cover

Interface Languages Available        Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Environment, Electrical and Operational Specifications

Operating Temperature                     5 to 38 ºC, +41 to +104 ºF

Machine Cooling                                    Built-in 3750 BTU (1100 W) Cabinet Air Conditioner

Non-Condensing                                  20 to 90 %
Relative Humidity

Digital Outputs                                       4 available (one reserved for a rejection device)

Digital Inputs                                          6 available (two reserved for photo eyes, one for encoder)

Universal Serial Port (USB) Port  2.0

Network Port                                          Ethernet

Compressed Air Pressure                80 to 100 psi, 5.5 to 6.9 bar
(For Rejection Devices)   

Machine Weight                                    850 kg, 1870 lb
(Standard Model) 


Electrical Input

Electrical Input Alternating             190 V, 240 V
Current (AC) Voltage 

Electrical Input Frequency               50 Hz, 60 Hz

Electrical Input Current                     20 A


Conformance Tests and Certifications

Radiation Safety Conformance      Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations (FDA CFR) 21 Part 1020.40, Ionizing Radiations                                                                                 Regulations (UK IRR 1999), Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Act

Export and Safety                                 European Conformity (CE), Underwriters Laboratories (UL 508A) in North America

Intrusion Protection Rating            Ingress Protection (IP65)