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5lb Shred Sifter

High-Tech Shredder

The 5lb Shred Sifter comes with:

  • Basket with #8 Mesh, 3mm particle size
  • Set of whips installed (Food Grade)
  • Safety Lid
  • Set Of bags (2 Bags)
5lb Shred Sifter

USD$ 6,214.82

High-Tech – 5lb Shred Sifter

The 5lb (200 cup) shred sifter can process around 5lbs (200 Cups) of material in 3-7 seconds depending on moisture levels. The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any powder unless you want powder. These machines are built in the USA. A single operator can process 150 lbs. an hour of  cannabis or flower material. This commercial shred sifter features a built in screen to sift the stems from your valuable plant material at a 99.5% efficiency and great for pre-rolls and extraction.  The capture system allows for zero loss. Also a removable basket for cleaning.


Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 32 in

Country of Origin

United States