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Bud Bucker

EZ Trim Harvesting

Key Features

  • Protruded tips precisely remove buds from their stems
  • 2 sets of 4 entry holes allow operators to double their productivity
  • Control speed to optimize efficiency
  • Reverse functionality to clear obstructed entry holes
  • Built-in front, back, and top shelves
  • Light weight, only 130 pounds
  • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A
Bud Bucker

USD$ 6,579.67

EZ Trim – Bud Bucker

The Bud Bucker relieves the most significant bottleneck in the commercial trim process: prep. One person on one machine can now replace the work of 3-5 people using scissors. Add another operator, and the Bud Bucker can prep 80-150lbs per hour to feed multiple trim machines.

You can use the Bud Bucker on both wet and dry product. Its geared, high-torque motor pulls stems through the protruded entry holes, gently plucking buds from the stem without damaging the product.

Adjust roller speed to optimize the Bud Bucker’s performance for various strains, bud sizes, and moisture content.

The protruded entry holes quickly pluck the buds from their stems away from the flat surface of the machine. This prevents smashing and compressing the buds further down the stem, which causes unnecessary damage to the product.

Having two sets of four entry holes allows two operators to work simultaneously, giving you the benefit of two machines.

The Bud Bucker comes with a front table to catch the buds, a rear table to catch the stems, and a top prep table to use as a work surface.


Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 48 in

Country of Origin

United States



Aluminum 6061 – FG, Silicone – FG

UL Certified Components

Control Box, Geared Motor, Power Cord


1.9 Amps, 101 lb. – in. Torque, 120 or 240VAC, 170 RPM, 228 Watts, 3 Phase, 60 HZ