Centurion GC1 Debucker

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  • Wet/Dry Bucker
  • Dry Processing Capacity: 8 lbs/hr
  • Wet Processing Capacity: 40+lbs/hr
  • Can do the job of three (3) people while preserving quality
  • Hourly capacity of 40 pounds of wet flowers or 8 pounds of dry flowers
  • 0.25 Hp motor delivers 3,000 cuts a minute
  • Easy set up and clean up
  • Modular and Upgradable for more efficiency
Centurion GC1 Debucker

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1 in stock

De-stemming buds need a lot of precision, so as not to break the buds. And you cannot rush it because that compromises quality. What if you can have one system to de-stem with precision while saving time? CenturionPro answers the call for quality and precise de-stemming with the GC1 Bucker. Apply gentle pressure in every feed, as the GC1 takes care of the rest of the process. With three sizes of inserts, you can buck 40 pounds of wet flowers or 8 pounds dry in an hour. The GC1 lets you do the job of up to three (3) people, thanks to its 0.25 horsepower motor that delivers 3,000 cuts per minute. Quality is never compromised because every bud bucked is preserved.

Choose from three (3) feed entries of 3/16, 1/4, and 3/8 inches, so you have all sizes covered for the job. Set up is effortless with the GC1, and clean up takes little effort. Keep on bucking as this bucket needs minimal maintenance. For an even more streamlined experience, you can integrate the GC1 with your CenturionPro trimmers. Go from bucking to trimming in seconds when you combine it with the conveyor system.


Gentle Treatment
The GC1 bucks your buds with gentle pressure, so the quality is preserved. Choose from three different feed entries for the right size.

Efficient Outputs
What 3 people can do, the GC1 does it on its own by delivering 3,000 cuts a minute with its 0.25 horsepower. Process up to 40 pounds of wet buds or 8 pounds dry in an hour.

Easy Set up and Clean up
No need for fancy tools for the GC1 to work. Clean up can be done in minutes.


This unit is used, like new.








Input Voltage NA: 120V, 60Hz Single Phase

EU, AUS: 240V/50Hz, Single Phase

Current Draw < 3A Operating
Drive Motor 0.25HP
Motor RPM 1750 RPM
Weight (w/o stand) 40lbs / 18kg
Length 28in / 71cm
Width 14in / 36cm
Height 15in / 38cm
Circuit Breaker Required NA: 15A/120V

EU, AUS: 15A/220V