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Prescott P1000 Lite

Author : Claire Rosenau

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  • Economical system for entry-level batch cannabis distillation
  • Interchangeable feed and residue vessels
  • Hybrid evaporator
  • Scroll pump
  • Vessel swap
  • Immersion cooler
Prescott P1000 Lite

CAD $121,000.00

1 in stock

The P1000 Lite was designed for boutique cannabis processors seeking a budget-conscious solution for efficient, consistent distillation, one batch at a time.

This system is easy to upgrade as your business scales up.


The short path distillation system is designed for distillation of thermally sensitive products under vacuum. The system is used for organic products of thermic instability, high molecular weight and high viscosity at operating temperatures.

The evaporation surface consists of a vertical glass cylinder, double mantled and heated by circulating thermal oil. The product is being spread to a thin film on the inner surface of the evaporator by means of rotating PTFE wiper elements. These wipers are pressed to the inner wall of the surface where they produce a thin film with a continuous distribution of liquid to maximize evaporation. The condenser is vertically arranged in the center of the glass evaporator, tempered by liquid flow, to reduce the distance for the vapors to prevent any pressure drop by huge transfer space. This technology enables the operation at extreme high vacuum to reduce the boiling point of thermal sensitive products botanical extracts without decomposition.

The rotating wiper basket is made of stainless steel Aisi 316 Ti and equipped with PTFE (Teflon) roll wipers.

The PRESCOTT 1000 LITE is offered as a complete turnkey system including complete vacuum accessories and three high capacity thermostats to temper feed-vessel, inlet line, evaporator and the condenser including outlet line. The residue outlet is also tempered to prevent solidification of very heavy, waxy residues.