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Bud Sorter

EZ Trim Harvesting

Key Features

  • Simple, with no moving parts
  • Sorts 70-90 pounds per hour
  • Separate small buds and shake to reduce QC and touch-up time
  • Operate from both sides to double productivity
  • Doubles as a work surface
Bud Sorter

USD$ 4,386.20

EZ Trim – Bud Sorter

The Bud Sorter is the perfect combination of simplicity and performance. It allows you to sort your trimmed buds into five sizes gently, efficiently, and accurately. We can build custom grates, but the standard sizes are ¼”, ½” ¾, 1” and 1 ¼.”

Place roughly 1lb of dried, trimmed buds onto the ¼” grate. Use the soft, food-grade brushes to gently move the product over the different-sized grates, sorting the buds by size.

The Bud Sorter is best used after drying and trimming but before quality control and packaging. Removing the small buds and shake from the QC and touch-up process will significantly improve efficiency.

If you only want to remove small buds and shake, you can double your productivity by sorting from both sides. Place a ¼” and ½” grate on both sides of the Bud Sorter and brush your product into the center bin.

When you are done sorting, place the lower shelf on top of the Bud Sorter to create another work surface for your trim room.


Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 32 × 53 in

Country of Origin

United States



304 Stainless Steel – FG, Aluminum 6061 – FG, Plastic Totes – HDPE