RocketBox OG Retro Fit Kit

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Product Details
Product Details
RocketBox OG Retro Fit Kit

A retro fit kit complete for the RocketBox OG used to upgrade the machine to match some of the physical features of the RocketBox 2.0.

Why purchase the Retro Fit Kit?

  • The Lift Plate, inserted into the shaker box area of the RocketBox, creates a flat area underneath the bottom tray for the paper cones to sit on during machine use. The benefit of this is to ensure that the paper cones all sit at the same height to allow for greater consistency across the entire tray. In addition, this also ensures that paper cones and/or the crutches do not vibrate down past the black plastic inserts during the machine and cause difficulties in unloading joints.
  • Removes issue of crushing cones when adding the top tray after loading or bending crutches when unloading.
  • Makes the RocketBox OG compatible with 2.0 version bottom trays. Notably, 2.0 Bottom trays have significantly faster lead times and will be far less expensive over time as no custom tooling work is required. STM will eventually cease production of RocketBox OG trays.
  • Brings key parts of the RocketBox OG up to date to 2.0 features, making the long-term use of the machine more efficient and inexpensive.
  • Allows the machine to be more capable of working with new accessories and products when they are introduced.
  • Provides the ability to use a wider range of paper cones and better handle natural variances in size.
  • When combining the retro kit along with a 2.0 bottom tray and adjustable top tray, a wider range of weights can be achieved and adjusted when working with different material types.

***If your existing top tray has a plastic white plug in each of the four corners of the tray, please notify us so that we also include the parts needed to upgrade your top tray into an adjustable top tray. If your existing top tray does not have these plugs, we recommend ordering a new adjustable top tray as older versions without the plugs cannot be made adjustable.
***OG Bottom Trays will continue to work in your upgraded OG unit, however, it is recommended to upgrade to 2.0 bottom trays to reap the maximum benefits of the upgraded system.


What’s Included?

1 x Lift Plate

1 x Set of A’s and B’s

1 x Set of Stainless Steel Female Risers
4 x Motor Bolts and Bushings
4 x Flathead Screws for Lift Plate
STM RocketBox 2.0 User Guide

CAD $738.18
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USD $546.25

The patented RocketBox commercial pre roll machine is designed with durability in mind and is engineered with industrial grade components and food grade materials. We have clients who have produced millions of pre-rolled cones using the RocketBox without incident. The RocketBox was built to last and will become an asset for your cannabis facilities for many years to come.


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