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Satellite Bud Trimmer

EZ Trim Harvesting

Key Features

  • Trims 30-50 lbs. per hour dry and 45 lbs. per hour wet
  • 45-60 second batch times (dry), 45-90 seconds (wet)
  • Preserves the shape of your flower
  • Saves your smalls
  • Reduces touch-up due to batch time control
  • Filters and separates your trim
Satellite Bud Trimmer

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EZ Trim – Satellite Bud Trimmer

The key to a quality trim is control. The Satellite is a wet and dry trimmer that offers the most control of any commercial trimmer on the market. It is for the commercial cultivator who requires efficiency but refuses to compromise the quality and integrity of their product.

The untrimmed buds enter the machine through the inner lid on the top and disperse onto the grate. Below the grate is the cutting blade, and below the cutting blade is the fan blade. The two blades spin together. The fan blade creates vortex and suction, moving and dispersing the buds as they are trimmed.

Blade depth can be dialed down for strains with an irregular shape to avoid cutting the tips or dialed tight to the grate for dense, compact buds.

Vortex and suction can be controlled by altering the amount of airflow entering the inner lids. With the lids open, you will get mostly suction. With the lids closed, you will get mostly vortex. Use the airflow controller to optimize the best combination of vortex and suction for bud size, density, and wet or dry trim.

The rotating, soft, food-grade silicone fingers and delicate brushes are used to help separate and gently roll the product along the grate.

Both the direction and speed of the rotor can be controlled. For example, slowing down the rotor will minimize agitation of the flower, while running the rotor at higher rates or in reverse can create more agitation and quicker trim cycles.

Many factors impact the trim time of a bud, including size, density, leaf quantity, rigidity, moisture content, and more. Therefore, it is essential to adjust your batch time accordingly. Proper Batch Time Control will minimize touch-ups while ensuring your buds are only in the machine for a short time, reducing the potential for damage.

The Satellite works equally well as a wet trimmer or dry trimmer. Install the correct grate, adjust your airflow, rotor speed, and blade depth, and you are ready to go.

Since the bud is being trimmed the entire time it is in contact with the grate, cycle times for the Satellite are much lower than with tunnel-style trimmers, reducing the potential for damage.

  • Dry trim cycle times are usually only 45-60 seconds.
  • Wet trim cycle times are around 45 – 90 seconds.

The Satellite’s unique filtration system comes with four collection bags with varying micron levels for separating and collecting the leaf as it is trimmed. The leaf enters the first bag, which is agitated by the airflow from the fan blade, shaking and pressing it through the filtration system. The result is two bags of leaf and two bags of kief.


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Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 48 in

Country of Origin

United States



304 Stainless Steel – FG, Aluminum 6061 – FG, Nylon – FG, Silicone – FG

UL Certified Components

4 Channel DC 5V Relay Module, 5 Wire Harness (Control Box), 9' Power Chord, AC to DC 5V Power Supply, Capacitor, Control Box Micro Controller, Dayton Gear Motor, Fuse Holder, Main Motor, Meanwell Power Supply, Motor Speed Controller, Touch Screen


10 Amps, 120 VAC, 1200 Watts, 60 HZ, Single Phase