STM Atomic Closer

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The Atomic Closer is the only ultra compact and expandable modular pre roll closing machine available designed to incorporate the human touch for a true premium quality look and feel. Crowns joints – no twist allowed!

Compatible with sizes: 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, Dog Walkers* and 98mm Slim Reefers* and most filling machines**

  • Dramatically Reduce Labor Costs
  • ROI in a Matter of Weeks
  • Commercial Grade Construction & Components
  • Made and Serviced in the USA
  • Works with Most Filling Machines*
  • Dimensions: 32″  x 18″  x 33″
  • 2- Year Warranty
STM Atomic Closer User Manual

CAD $66,216.22
Vendor Price:
USD $49,000.00

The Atomic Closer is the only ultra-compact and expandable modular pre-roll closing machine available designed to incorporate the human touch for a true premium quality look and feel. Close 72 pre-rolls with a crown fold in just 45 seconds! Pair it with the STM workflow package & you have a complete system that not even a fully automated machine can match in terms of user friendliness, production output & scalability on the fly.

Closing pre-rolls is time consuming and ultimately the most costly labor component of the pre-roll manufacturing process. The compact Atomic Closer automatic pre-roll closing machine reduces costs and increases production simultaneously especially when paired with other STM products such as the Revolution grinder and RocketBox pre-roll machines. Capable of closing 72 pre-rolled joints in a blistering 45 seconds, the Atomic Closer is perfect for small to large facilities looking to scale and grow production and efficiencies. Select your joint size on the touch screen control and press start. That’s it! The Atomic Closer automated pre-roll machine crown folds finished joints to give it that hand-packed feel instead of a twist, resulting in a much more professional looking pre-rolled joint which burns evenly. It is by far the easiest closing machine on the market to use with fast, consistent results and super simple to clean and maintain.


  • Fully modular system enables exceptional ability to scale rapidly anytime
  • Compatible with RocketBox, Mini-RocketBox and other pre-roll machines
  • Tamps and folds ends into beautiful, consistent fold
  • Fastest in the industry: capable of 72 pre-rolls every 45 seconds (5,000+ per hour / 41,000+ per 8-hour day )
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • HMI touch screen control
  • Emergency stop switch and reset button
  • Adaptable to upcoming weighing pad and packaging modules
  • Includes 2-year parts and labor warranty


Country of Origin

United States





Input Voltage



100 lbs