Canntech Cannabucker

Author : Andrew Condin

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  • Strips up to 150 lbs of flower per hour
  • Can buck wet and dry buds
  • Gentle on flower
  • Up to seven (7) feed holes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality stainless steel build
Canntech Cannabucker


1 in stock

The Cannabucker gently removes cannabis and hemp flowers from their stems while reducing the volume of byproduct waste. The Cannabucker reduces bud breakage and preserves crop value — whether you’re bucking wet or dry. Capable of de-stemming up to 150 pounds of buds an hour, it is gentle on flower but offers uncompromising pulling power on the stem. The Cannabucker has seven feed holes for dual-operator productivity and is fully automation-compatible. The stainless steel chute gives you the option to move your buds to a catch tote or an optional conveyor for automated systems.

The Cannabucker is made from quality stainless steel, and features an ergonomic design for perpetual operations.


This unit has been used for roughly 120 hours.



Feed Rate: 80-150 Lbs/Hr

Wet/Dry Capable: Yes

Number of Feed Holes: 7

Max Hole Diameter: 1/2”

Dimensions: 28″ W x 40″ L x 52″ H

Weight: 275 Lbs

Power Requirement: 115 V, 15 Amps




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