Trimming and Milling Service

Author : Anthony Karigan


Do you need to increase your trimming and bucking capacity quickly? We can help you speed up your harvest!

We are an Ontario-based LP providing a trimming and bucking service that includes two trimming machines and hand-bucking by trained workers. We can also provide bulk milling to grind the product and prepare the biomass for infused shredded flower or extraction.


1. Centurion Pro Gladiator

2. Twister T2 (GMP Compliant)

3. 353 New Holland Hammer Mill


Trimming: 250-350 kilograms (550-770 pounds) of wet weight every ~10 hours assuming using the Gladiator with no more than two passes through the trimmer and 4-5 bucking staff working full time.  Additional passes increase bag appeal (up to a certain point) but decrease daily trimming capacity.

Milling: ~300-400kg/hour.


The cost of the trimming service is:

  • • $150 per hour for less than 10 hours.
    • $1,250 per day (10-hours including breaks).
    •  Includes two trimmers, one machine operator, daily machine cleaning, and teardown
    • $5,000 per week (5 days). Includes setup, daily machine cleaning, and teardown.
    • Additional $20/hour/worker for hand-bucking services.
    • 4-5 workers bucking are required for 6-8 hours to keep pace with the trimmer.
    • A refundable deposit of 50% is required with your reservation.
    • Deposits are refundable with 48 hours’ notice.
    • A delivery/transportation fee applies for locations greater than 2 hours from Location.
    • We accept credit card, e-transfer, and wire transfers.
    • We are an LP so we can also purchase your trim and potentially help sell your inventory if you would like assistance with sales.

The cost of the milling service is:

  • We can also provide milling of dried biomass at an additional $500/hour while performing the trimming service.



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